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The mission of Family First is simple; to serve the family. We take a creative and digital approach to our mission. As a 501c3 national non-profit organization, our goal is to use modern technology and offline events to strengthen the family by establishing “family” as a top priority in people’s lives. We do this by promoting and advocating principles for building marriages and parenting today’s children. We take a multi-tiered approach; one that fits every family right where they are. We serve fathers through our program All Pro Dad. We serve mothers through our program iMOM. We serve the family as a whole through our radio broadcast The Family Minute with Mark Merrill. Below you will find a detailed description of each. 

Family First Programs

All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad LogoAll Pro Dad is Family First’s innovative and unique program for every father. We strive to help fathers become passionate about their role in their family’s life. We strive daily to provide them every resource needed to rightly train up their children and give them a hopeful future. Our aim is to interlock the hearts of the fathers with their children and as a byproduct the hearts of the children with their dads.

Our home base is AllProDad.com. This is where dads in any stage of fatherhood can find helpful resources to aid in their parenting. Resources include: daily emails, blogs, Top 10 Lists, articles, printable tools, videos and eBooks. Fathers can also sign up to start or attend one of our All Pro Dad’s Days chapters. From AllProDad.com fathers can join the highly engaged All Pro Dad social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Play of the Day

The Play of the Day is a daily email for all fathers. It is full of hard-hitting, concise, helpful and free information on how to be a better dad. The Play of the Day is currently sent to over 100,000 fathers each day making it the most read fatherhood email in the world. You can sign up to have the Play of the Day delivered to your inbox for free every day or you can check out the All Pro Dad Blog for the latest post.

All Pro Dad’s Days

All Pro Dad’s Days is a school-based program that brings dads together with their kids at their child’s school. Dads gather monthly with their children and other dads to discuss topics relevant to school-age children and to take part in fun bonding activities. The dads leave with practical parenting tips they can take home and implement immediately and the kids leave with memories to last a lifetime. All Pro Dad is grateful and excited to be partnering with the National PTA to put All Pro Dad’s Days chapters in over 1,000 schools nationwide.

NFL Father & Kids Experience

These three-hour events are held at an NFL team’s practice facility or stadium. At these events dads have the unique opportunity to spend time with their children by participating in interactive games designed to strengthen their relationship. The dads and kids hear from a fatherhood-focused player, coach or alumni from that team at these powerful events.

NFL Spokesmen

All Pro Dad’s 53 NFL Spokesmen are a group of coaches, players and alumni dedicated to their families and proud to be advocates for fatherhood. Tony Dungy, Mike Tomlin and many other men exemplify passion, discipline, work ethic, commitment and loyalty both on and off the field and in their homes.


iMOM LogoiMOM is Family First’s newest program, dedicated fully to all moms. Our goal at iMOM is to help mothers raise their children in a way that increases their wisdom and stature while having favor with all those they come in contact with. iMOM has something for all moms. We place a high priority on resources that are practical, actionable, relevant and meaningful.

iMOM takes a unique approach to equipping moms. iMOM.com is where moms can find all of these resources and more. The Espresso Minute is iMOM’s daily email for moms. Currently there are over 2,000 parenting articles for moms on the site. iMOM’s most popular product are the free Printables. These are downloadable tools to help moms in their most important role – being a mom! The iMOM Media Monitor serves moms with detailed reviews of movies and music so they can be equipped and prepared for today’s media culture. iMOM has a thriving community on social media as well with over 40,000 moms on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Espresso Minute

The Espresso Minute is iMOM’s free daily email for moms. It is full of inspiration, ideas, information and insight. We want to help you as you start your day thinking about your child. Nearly 50,000 moms receive the Espresso Minute every day. You can sign up to have the Espresso Minute delivered to your inbox for free every day or you can check out the iMOM Blog for the latest post.

iMOM Morning

A little breakfast, a little bonding and a lot of fun! iMOM Mornings are a school-based breakfast program held once a month in the school cafeteria. Moms gather with their kids and other moms to discuss topics and encourage their kids and one another! You can sign up to start or join an iMOM Morning at your child’s school today!

Susan Merrill

Author and speaker, Susan Merrill, is the Director of iMOM. She says, “I love listening to and learning from other moms, researching needs, praying for inspiration and creating solutions - to help them (and me) become the mother we all dream about!” You can connect with Susan on her blog, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

The Family Minute with Mark Merrill

Family Minute with Mark Merrill LogoThe Family Minute with Mark Merrill is a radio broadcast heard on over 300 mainstream stations in 41 states and around the world on the American Forces Network. This family relationship-focused broadcast reaches millions of listeners every week with practical, impactful and relevant advice. The Family Minute is also available in a quick-read email format currently being delivered to nearly 35,000 people every day. You can sign up to have the Family Minute delivered to your inbox for free every day or you can check out the Family Minute Blog for the latest post.

Mark Merrill

Author and nationally recognized speaker, Mark Merrill, is the founder and president of Family First. Mark blogs at MarkMerrill.com. There you can find practical tips on marriage, parenting and relationships in general as well as find Mark’s new book, All Pro Dad – Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids. Mark says, “I’ll always be striving to be an All Pro Dad myself and I’m passionate about making family a top priority in my life and in the lives of others.” You can connect with Mark on his blog, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.