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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Family First offer counseling?
We do not offer counseling. However, you may wish to call Focus on the Family at 1-800-232-6459 for free counseling services over the phone. Additionally, they will have some suggestions on agencies or counselors in your area.

Do you offer sponsorships of your programs?
Yes. Click here to learn more.

Can I raise money to assist Family First?
Sure! As a non-profit, we are always thankful for donations. You can make a donation by going here. While we do appreciate your efforts, please know that we are unable to provide our logo to any third party for use in connection with an event that we have not officially sanctioned, or an event which we are not directly involved.

Is it acceptable to republish content from your websites?
We are pleased to grant permission to republish content from our websites, in its entirety, for non-commercial, non-profit purposes only. Please provide the following credit at the end of the content: "Copyright 2012 Family First. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission. For more family-strengthening resources, visit"

May I republish content from a third party author?
While we appreciate your interest in our content, we are not authorized to grant republishing rights for any content from our third-party contributors. If you wish to use their material, you will need to contact the author directly.

May I send my book for you to review or promote on your website?
We are currently not accepting any book review copies or posting any books on our websites for promotion.

Are you a religious organization?
No. We are a national, non-profit resource and education organization.  Our purpose is to help strengthen families.

How can I request Mark Merrill to make an appearance?
To request Mark Merrill, simply go here.

Do you share your database with other groups?  Can you send out information to your email list to help my cause/event?
We do not share our lists with anyone.  Unless you are a sponsor of our programs, we do not send out information for 3rd parties.

How do I subscribe to your free daily emails?
Simply click on the email you would like to receive:
The Family Minute, iMom's Espresso Minute, or All Pro Dad's Play of the Day

I signed up for your email, why am I not receiving them?
You might want to check with your webmaster to see if our emails are being blocked. If not, then perhaps our emails are being dumped into your junk email box. If so, adding us to your Safe Senders list will fix the problem. If none of these situations apply, please feel free to contact us, and be sure to give us your name, email address that is signed up for the email, and your phone number. We'll research the problem for you, and get back to you within 5 business days.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?
If you would like to unsubscribe from one of our emails, simply click the One-Click Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the daily emails. You will be unsubscribed that day, and should no longer receive emails within 2 business days.

How do I update my email address?
To update your email address, you may scroll to the bottom of the daily email you receive and click on Profile Center. You will be taken to a screen where you can change your email address. If you have any problems, please let us know.

Do we have RSS feeds for your emails?
Yes, click on the email you would like to receive the RSS feed for: The Family Minute, iMom's Espresso Minute, or All Pro Dad's Play of the Day

Are you on Facebook?
Yes! Join us on Facebook by clicking on: The Family Minute, iMom, All Pro Dad, Tony Dungy, and Mark Merrill (our President)

Are you on Twitter?
Yes! Follow us by clicking on: The Family Minute, iMom, All Pro Dad, Tony Dungy and Mark Merrill (our President)

Are you on LinkedIn?
Yes! Connect with us by clicking on: The Family Minute, iMom, All Pro Dad and Mark Merrill (our President)

How do I find one of your breakfast programs in my area?
For All Pro Dad's Day, go here.  For iMom Mornings, go here.

How do I start one of your breakfast programs in my area?
For All Pro Dad's Day, go here.  For iMom Mornings, go here.

What All Pro Dad NFL events are coming up? How can I register?
For a list of markets, go here.  Registration is available on our website, and will begin 3-4 weeks prior to the event.  Once you are on the event page, you can sign up to be notified when registration opens.

How can I request Tony Dungy make an appearance?
We receive an overwhelming amount of requests for Tony to speak.  With limited time available due to his family and business commitments, we caution you that only a small percentage of the requests that are made are actually fulfilled.  With that in mind, you can make your request here.  Please allow 30 days for our staff to respond.

How can I request Tony Dungy call someone in need of help?
We receive many requests for Tony to reach out to someone (via note or phone call) that is experiencing some challenges.  Unfortunately, we can only respond to a small percentage of them. If you would like to make a request like this, go here, and be sure to include your name, email, phone number, and the person you would like Tony to reach out to, along with their phone number, email and the background on the situation.  Due to limited staff here at our non-profit, please do not expect a response.

How do I setup a media interview?
Email us and please visit our press room.

Can I make a request for one of your NFL Spokesmen to make an appearance?
We suggest you contact the teams directly on their websites.  All teams have community relations departments that can work to fulfill your request for a player, coach, or alumni.  Click here to go to, where you can find links to all the team sites.  Player appearance forms are usually found in the community section of the team sites.

How can I send you a comment or suggestion?
Send it here. We thank you in advance for all comments and suggestions, but due to limited staffing, we don't reply to them.

I still don't see an answer to my question . . . 
Then email your question here. Please allow 10 business days for a reply.

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