All Pro Dad Chapter Development Assistant

Do your sales and marketing skills, your professional commitment, and your creativity set you apart in your field? Do you want to play a key role in a nation-wide program that benefits kids, schools, and communities?


Reports to the All Pro Dad Chapter Development Manager. The All Pro Dad Chapter Development Assistant will provide support to All Pro Dad Chapter Development.

Job Description

Chapter Development

  • Answer inbound calls and emails
  • Monitor the APDC voicemail and email inboxes. Respond to all messages in a timely manner and ensure that all Out-of-Office messaging is updated and scheduled appropriately.

Chapter Retention

  • Maintain frequent communication with current Team Captains through outbound phone calls, e-mails to both individuals and groups.
  • Conduct bi-annual care calls to chapter team captains for the purpose of chapter retention
  • Oversee and/or implement the process for composing, scheduling and sending email
  • Ensure that the Team Captain Homepage is working correctly and that resources provided are up-to-date.
  • Answer website support questions from Team Captains and Chapter Members
  • Attend relevant All Pro Dad Chapter events to provide support to the team.
  • Create and send monthly Team Captain newsletter

Chapter Reporting

  • Provide bi-weekly updates to APDC manager on key indicators such as chapter numbers, development patterns, website operations
  • Report trends and maintain pulse on team captain needs
  • Utilize Hubspot and APDC database to track and maintain updated information for all Team Captains and All Pro Dad chapters
  • Manage invoicing, sending and following up on past due
  • Provide updated data for monthly reports
  • Ensure meeting reports are completed
  • Send renewal notices
  • Conduct year-end survey of both Team Captains and members
  • Make changes to Team Captains per email and phone requests


  • Provide data management support to chapter development team (in-office and field team)
  • Project management as needed
  • Determine prize pack contents and oversee packing/shipment
  • Manage third party vendors as needed
  • Handle all outbound shipping to Team Captains as necessary
  • Testimonial Management (of APDC)
  • Assist APDC Manager as needed
  • Complete purchase orders, book team travel and submit other docs as needed
  • Event support as needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

We’re looking for someone with…

  • Experience in customer relations
  • Ability to communicate clearly and confidently

We will see it as a plus if you have…

  • Familiarity with HubSpot Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management software



Please email us your resumé.

Internship Application

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  • Describe your extracurricular involvement in student activities (i.e., student government, campus newspaper, sports, academic fraternity, etc.):
  • Explain your desire to participate in the Family First Intern Program. How do your priorities in life influence your daily choices? How did they influence your decision to apply at Family First? How do you envision this experience will support your personal and professional goals? What do you hope to contribute to Family First?
  • Please include your Resumé and 2 letters of recommendation.


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