Digital Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a qualified Digital Marketing Specialist to join our team.


  • Must work in Tampa office

The Digital Marketing Specialist will…

  • Create and send All Pro Dad, iMOM, Mark Merrill, and Family Minute emails
  • Moderate and respond to email inboxes
  • Create weekly and monthly reports for email performance
  • Update and maintain the email banner calendar
  • Update campaign Google Docs with performance data
  • Upload images and content to WordPress
  • Moderate web comments using Disqus
  • Upload web banners and sidebars
  • Maintain metadata and SEO to optimize search engine results

We’re looking for someone with…

  • A four-year college degree
  • Ability to locate to the Tampa office
  • A commitment to Family First and its mission

We’ll see it as a plus if you have…

  • Familiarity with WordPress, HubSpot, and SEO

To help us understand what you’re about, please submit your resume and a cover letter that includes the answer to the following questions:

  • What appeals to you about working for Family First?
  • What makes you the right candidate for this position?

Please email us your resumé.

Internship Application

    Check all that apply
    Check all that apply
  • Describe your extracurricular involvement in student activities (i.e., student government, campus newspaper, sports, academic fraternity, etc.):
  • Explain your desire to participate in the Family First Intern Program. How do your priorities in life influence your daily choices? How did they influence your decision to apply at Family First? How do you envision this experience will support your personal and professional goals? What do you hope to contribute to Family First?
  • Please include your Resumé and 2 letters of recommendation.


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