Meet the Team

Meet The Staff

Mark W. Merrill

Founder and President

Susan Merrill

Chief Marketing and Program Officer

Lesley Bateman

Director of Partner Services

Angel Bishop

Director of Operations

BJ Foster

Director of Content

Dorothea Bauer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Brenda Billing

Operations Specialist

Chloe Blumenthal

Social Media Manager

Buck Buchanan

Video/Audio Producer

Brian Burridge

Senior Web Developer

Tiffany Cato

All Pro Dad Chapters Operations Specialist

Jen Cordeau

Brand Manager

Jeremy Donovan

Marketing Operations Manager

Philip Dugas

All Pro Dad Chapters Expansion Specialist, North Florida

Terry Fischer

All Pro Dad Chapters Expansion Specialist

Vicki Grimes

Development Manager

Barbara Hall

Accounting and Office Manager

Jason Hood

Director of All Pro Dad Chapters

Ashley Jones

Partner Services Manager

Alison McPherson

Partner Services and Events Manager

Hayley Mowatt

Project Strategist

Marlene Nikolich

Executive Assistant to the President

Chelsea Pedraja

Social Media Specialist

Reed Richardson

Senior Graphic Designer

Thomas Rohrlack

Donor Relations Representative

Keith Schumacher

All Pro Dad Chapters Development Specialist

Wendy Sedlacek

All Pro Dad Chapters Development Specialist

Arleen Spenceley

Content Specialist

Christian Spolar

All Pro Dad Chapters Development Specialist

Patrick Stevens

Corporate Sales Manager

Megan Tignor

Marketing Communications Manager

Keith Vickery

All Pro Dad Chapters Development Manager

Taylor Vandenburgh

Graphic Designer

Abby Watts

iMOM Content Manager


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