Meet the Team

Meet The Staff

Mark W. Merrill


Mark is the voice of a daily radio program called The Family Minute with Mark Merrill and author of the book, All Pro Dad. He delivers marriage and parenting wisdom to over 100,000 people each month through his blog and podcast.

Robb Bennett

Chief Operating Officer

Robb ensures that all aspects of Family First daily operations run effectively and efficiently. He supervises the staff and ensures accountability for achieving operational goals.

Susan Merrill

Director of Content Distribution

Susan is director of content at Family First where she spends her days creating helpful and impactful resources that we provide to families through our programs.

George Woods

Director of Partner Services

George works on our NFL events and marketing initiatives involving our corporate and state partners.

Darrin Gray

Director of Sales, Contact for Sponsorships

Darrin is director of sales - a servant leader who develops relationships with corporate sponsors, and builds meaningful relationships with a host of NFL players, coaches and alumni that serve as spokesmen for All Pro Dad, the national fatherhood program of Family First.

Angel Bishop

Director of Operations

Angel is the Director of Operations at Family First where she spends her days monitoring business operations to ensure systems and staff are in place to deliver results through our programs.

BJ Foster

Director of Content Creation

BJ Foster is a married father of two and the Content Manager for All Pro Dad where he utilizes his experience in the corporate world, politics, nonprofits, and over fifteen years of working with adolescents.​

Marlene A. Nikolich

Executive Assistant to the President

Marlene connects all of the dots on the president’s calendar and enjoys being an ambassador to our donors.

Jill Boardman

Director of Community Engagement

Jill ensures the President and Directors align their actions and communications in support of agreed upon goals. She oversees the staff hiring process and creates staff effectiveness.

Barbara Hall

Accounting and Office Manager

Barbara oversees day to day office operations and provides financial reporting for the organization.

Jonathan Morgan

Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager for Family First, Jonathan creates and implements marketing strategies and campaigns for our corporate partners.

Candice Butner

All Pro Dad’s Day Manager

Candice is responsible for the oversight of school-based program volunteer leaders ensuring that they have the tools needed to effectively connect moms and dads to their kids.

Vicki Grimes

All Pro Dad’s Day Support Manager

As a member of the Operations Team, Vicki is the Database Administrator. She cares for the information regarding our donors, School Programs, Family Minute radio affiliates, event attendees and email subscribers.

Jen Cordeau

Brand Manager

Jen manages various projects on behalf of the President including the Mark Merrill blog, Family First podcast and the Family Minute radio feature.

Kaleigh Bowman

Donor Relations Manager

Kaleigh provides support and guidance to deliver effective results in the Development Department.

Jeremy Donovan

Social Media Manager

Jeremy spends his time sharing our message with families through photos, tweets, videos and pins and building our online social communities.

Brian Burridge

Senior Web Developer

Brian develops, monitors and improves all of the Family First websites in order to make them user-friendly for our readers.

Libby Gerbasi

Website Specialist

Libby works as the keeper of all details for Family First’s Content Team and the air traffic controller of project details that ‘fly’ between departments at Family First.

Lisa Adkins

Email Specialist

Lisa’s primary responsibility is to ensure that Family First’s compelling content for All Pro Dad, iMOM, and the Family Minute gets delivered to our subscriber’s email inbox daily.

Alison McPherson

Events Specialist

Alison helps secure, coordinate, and execute impactful events for Dads & Kids as well as large fundraising events for the organization.

Pat McDermott

Community Engagement Specialist

Pat inspires men in target communities to first connect relationally with their children, then become involved in their children’s school and finally engage positively with their community.

Keith Vickery

All Pro Dad’s Day Development Specialist

Keith builds relationships with school and community organizational leaders to grow the number of Dad’s Day chapters across the country.

Reed Richardson

Graphic Designer

Reed enjoys the wonderful world of layout and design—especially when it comes to crafting up creative for Family First emails, campaigns, printables and more

Lauren Shealy

Web Content Specialist

Lauren manages updates in the background of Family First sites, she is very familiar with the content, has a good eye for design and our audience preferences.

Nancy Jergins

iMOM Content Writer

Nancy has written about relationship and family issues for more than 15 years, and does her best to enlighten and encourage others with her words through the content she writes for Family First.


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